Bandag Retreading

Re-treading tires long has been accepted as a very effective way of extending the life of tires by “recapping” them after the original tread has worn out. Truck tires can be re-treaded for one-half of the cost of a new tire, and a properly recapped tire is as safe and long-lasting as a new tire. A Visual Inspection is always done first by one of our trained tire specialists. Any repairs such as nail holes or bead repairs are marked and the casing is accepted or rejected. Below is a quick overview of our recapping process here at Ginman Tire:



An Inspection is done on an NDT-IIB machine which uses electrical impulses to detect nails, nail holes, tears, cuts and bead repairs.


Shearography Machine

The casing then goes to a Shearography Machine which is used to detect seperations within the casing not visable to the naked eye. If a casing cannot be repaired or returned to safe service, it is rejected and taken out of the production line.


Buffing Machine

Next it goes to a Buffer Machine which buffs off the old tread.


Cushion Machine

From there it goes to the
Cushion Machine where extruder gum fills in any buffed imperfections and a cushion is put on the casing.


Builder Machine

It continues to the Builder Machine where the tread is applied to the casing.


Envelope Machine

Then it goes into the Envelope Machine where a flexible rubber envelope surrounds the casing and provides uniform pressure on the tire when air builds up in the chamber.



In the Chamber the tread is cured to the tire.


Final Inspection

Final Inspection is done to double check to make sure the tire is dependable, safe and ready to deliver to our customer.

Bandag Retreading continues to provide a dependable and cost effective replacement tire of choice. Call Ginman Tire today for your recapping needs!