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How do I read the sidewall of my tire?
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What are the right size tires for my vehicle?
A tire must be able to carry the weight of your vehicle. You can upgrade from your vehicle’s original tires, but you should never undersize as this will overwork the tire and compromise your vehicle’s ability to respond to emergency situations.
You should also consider the overall tire diameter. For cars and vans, a 3% diameter change is acceptable. SUVs and pick-up trucks can usually handle a 15% oversize tire.
What are the best tires for my driving habits?
If you drive your vehicle occasionally, in and around your neighborhood, you can select almost any type of tire. If you rely on your vehicle to go to work via busy city streets or by highways, a more responsive tire will serve your driving purposes. If you enjoy taking the occasional road trip through mountains or along winding country roads, select good handling tires. If you use your vehicle for racing, only the best competitive tires will do.
Should I buy winter tires, summer tires or all-season tires?
The performance category of your tires depends on the driving conditions you will encounter. If you use all-season tires, you may experience good performance under many driving conditions, but there is a risk that your vehicle will not perform at its best when driving conditions are at their worst. Select tires based on the worst driving conditions you expect to encounter, otherwise, when you’re stuck in mud or snow, there’s not much more you can expect from your limited performance tires.
If you use your vehicle to drive to work every day and your worst driving condition is piling through snow all winter long, you may want to consider purchasing two sets of tires. While purchasing two sets of tires may seem like an expensive route to take, in the long run, you get more out of both sets of tires and end up saving on longer total wear.
Who do I purchase my tires from?
Make sure you go to a supplier that you have confidence in. Your tire professional should suggest a tire product that best suits your driving requirements, your budget and your expectations of the product. Ginman Tire has been providing great service for a long time. Please call us today, and we will help you make an informed decision.


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